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Magnolia Soap
$ 7.50

Magnolia is a wonderfully fragrant soap, but not overly floral. This fragrance is always a best seller among our customers. There's always been a magnolia tree in my yard and we always loved to climb those trees - they were the most fun to climb. This fragrance reminds me of the magnolia trees of my youth and how much joy they brought to me and my family. 

This handmade soap is scented with magnolia fragrance oil and is with yellow and green oxides for added visual interest.

This soap was handcrafted by me using the traditional cold process method of soap making. In this method, lye chemically reacts with the oils & fats to create soap in a process known as "saponification". The oils are saponfied and create soap. I do not use soap bases in my soap recipes.

Ingredients: Filtered water, sodium hydroxide (lye), olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel flakes,  shea butter, fragrance oil, green oxide, yellow oxide

Bar weighs approximately 4.0 oz